Who I help


Children ages 3-11 experiencing anxiety, struggling with behaviors, difficulties managing emotions, overwhelming life experiences or changes, grief/loss, and other situations needing extra mental health support .  I also work closely with children diagnosed with ADHD and Autism Spectrum disorder. 


Teens age 12-17 needing focused support and understanding.  Teens dealing with depression, anxiety, stress and the challenges with middle and high school years. I provide an accepting, safe space to help teens navigate social and academic stressors, and peer and family relationships


Families who need support and guidance in creating stronger connections, repairing hurts, navigating life events and handling stress.  Families who are eager to learn new strategies and ideas to strengthen their communication and enhance relationships with one another.  Families eager to reduce conflict and chaos 

How I help 


Assessing for primary causes of anxiety, teaching new coping skills, changing thought processes (CBT), introducing mindfulness and working with parents and caregivers to learn effective strategies to use at home


Evaluating and examining causes of challenging behaviors, implementing positive strategies to help guide and change behaviors and working on ways to effectively manage and cope with challenges


Assessment and evaluation of depression symptoms, addressing functioning and relationship concerns, collaboration with primary healthcare provider as requested, supportive listening and comprehensive care for your child or teen

Family Issues

Work on strengthening communication and connection.  Empowering parents to find healthy ways to manage family conflict.  Healing past hurts and increasing current opportunities for enjoyment and a more peaceful family.