Jamie Gabriel Child & Family Therapy
Lawrence, KS

Helping children, teens and families.

You are worried. Your family life feels chaotic. And you are starting to ask yourself, “Is my child’s behavior normal?”

This all seems too complicated, and you’ve decided to reach out for help. The suggestions from parenting books, well-meaning friends and your Google searches are all leading you to realize it’s time.

Time to get some support.

Your child might be struggling to control emotions, manage behaviors or sustain attention. Your teen might be withdrawing, and you are having a hard time connecting. You are concerned about anxiety or depression, and you’re seeking answers for how to navigate these meltdowns, these intense behaviors.

You’d like your family to regain some enjoyable and calm days. More laughter, more connection.

I can help.

Welcome. I’m glad you’re here.

Let’s work together and find ways to help your child.

Let’s build strong secure connections with your teen.

Let’s figure out ways to make parenting more enjoyable, less overwhelming and create a thriving and peaceful family.

Jamie Gabriel, LSCSW, Clinical Social Worker